MCM (Message-Command-Message)
You may use MCM free of charge for any purpose.

Though MCM is no more Beta, is reliable and stable.., it's still young, it's a baby.

Don't leave the baby alone!

To grow a healthy baby, don't ask - how to donate ;-)

Instead just recommend it to your friends.

Let's grow the baby together!

Pawel Idzikowski
Author of MCM
New - sharpSerializer on CodePlex
MCM is now on CodePlex!
It uses Mercurial, probably the best source control system in the world! ;-)


What is MCM?

MCM (Message-Command-Message) is an open source framework for building modular, military simple .NET applications and state machine APIs of any size.

How does MCM work?

The principle of MCM is a remake of the best known pattern - the nature.

Imagine a small village (your application) with some residents (components). All residents live and work independently (asynchronously). They communicate with each other broadcasting messages by cb radio or using a postman for packet delivery (message channel).

The barber broadcasts a message – I need a new razor! All residents (subscribers) receive the message but only the smith can make the razor. He creates a new razor and gives it to the postman for delivery. The barber receives the razor and he can work further.

MCM (Message-Command-Message) as a village example

The village above is an example of asynchronous message communication used in MCM.

Please refer to for more details.